Shoji Retreat Spa & Lodge Asheville WNC

Shoji Spa

Shoji Spa Soak

Near the Blue Ridge parkway just  10 mins from downtown Asheville

COOL off this Summer with our new Double Cold Showers. invigorating healing techniques.

First, spend 10 minutes sweating out toxins in our new Wet Sauna, which allows you to control the humidity in the room by pouring water over hot stones.

Next, step outside and into our showers. The rush of cold water may surprise you at first, but that’s a good thing! Hot/Cold Therapy works by exposing your body to extreme contrasting temperatures. This sends our body into healing-mode, strengthening our immune system, stimulating weight loss, and promoting muscle regeneration. Perfect way to end a long day! — in Asheville, North Carolina.

Shoji Retreat Spa & Lodge Asheville NC
Outdoor Japanese retreat. Offer outdoor hot tub soaks, massages and luxury lodging at our retreat nestled by the Blue Ridge Parkway