Niche Life Style Spas

Specialty Life Styles Niche Spas Spa Types Appalachian Spa Guide

Resort Spa Hotel Stay Spas Travel Vacation Getaway Operated location within a resort or local hotel providing packages getaways massage spa services, fitness wellness components and spa cuisines choices.  Hotel Day Spas also act as local community spas with day health retreat spa services within the hotel. 

Destination Spas- Health Retreats: Primary purpose of guiding spa-goers to develop better healthy habits “5-7 day” lifestyle retreats getaways stay spas, services, fitness, wellness education classes and healthy spa cuisines

Culinary Spas – Spas that offer culinary cooking classes – retreats

Wine Spas – Spas related with wineries & spas with vino grape treatments 

B&B/Inn Spas – Bed and Breakfast Country Inn Spas that offer onsite spa treatments and Day Spa getaway packages 

Adventure Spas – Spas that offer outdoor adventure programs getaways fitness wellness hiking spas healthy meals wellness programs relatively small groups Spas that take you outside your comfort zone with activities for all-day adventure hikes, rock-climbing, mountain biking, air ballooning, horseback riding, rafting packages with spa services programs

Fitness Hiking Spas – Adventure Fitness Hiking Weight loss Spas Destination retreats provide healthy meals wellness detox 3-weekly programs 

Detox Wellness Spas – Weight loss detox cleansing retreat spas

Mineral Springs Spas – Natural Spring Hot Mineral Spas and Spas that offer outdoor hot tub balneo therapy soaks

Salt Cave – Himalaylan Salt Spas – Salt therapy works by restoring the body’s ionic balance, loosening mucus, clearing congested lung passages, reducing inflammation. 

Luxury Day Spas: Day Spa is to be able to incorporate spa experience into your life.  A day spa is great for people who need to refresh and rejuvenate but do not have time for a spa week or even weekend. Perfect for all people all ages For vacationers who wish to see the sights taking a day at a spa can be ideal. This allows for a nice relaxing moment without taking up massive amounts of vacation time. Day Spas Massage Spas, License Therapists Massage Contour Day Spa Treatments. Day Spas offer a variety of professionally administered massage spa salon services to clients on a day-use basis.

Medical Spas – Medical Day Spas Wellness Centers that offer medical spa treatments consultations the offers a variety of professionally administered clinical spa massage salon services to all ages of clients on a day-use basis Permanent make up, Medical Laser Spas Treatments Holistic Acupuncture Spas, Detox Colon Cleansing Weight Loss Centers, Nutrition Culinary Diet Programs 

Mobile Onsite Day Spas – Onsite Massage Spa Therapies Spa Parties Event Services and or Traveling Mobile RV- Provided at your Home Business or Vacation Rental Lodges

Luxury Hair & Nail Salons – professionally administered Hair styles, hand, feet nails salon services to all ages of clients on a day-use basis in a sterile clean hygene place and equipment 

Maternity- Pregnancy Spas – License Therapeutic Certified Doula Therapist. Providing Pre-Natel Post-Partum Contour Massage Facials Day Spa Treatments  

Floatation Spas – Floatation Tank Therapy People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction and eliminate chronic pain. Promotes total calm & peaceful relaxation Eliminates fatigue & jet lag Improves sleep Alleviates stress (mental & physical) Energizes, rejuvenates & revitalizes and much more..

Yoga Wellness Retreats Conference Centers – Yoga-Fitness Health Wellness Detox Adventure Weight loss Nutrition Culinary Spa Massage Education Programs