Aurelian Hemp Clothing Products In Vermont


Spread you wings wisely. Restore the world with hemp.

Hoots from AURELIAN the Golden Masked Owl, a type of Barn Owl on the vulnerable species list. 

Two friends in Vermont fed up with our planet’s destruction, founded me to inspire you that HEMP can clothe, heal, build, and feed the world sustainably. Hemp is grown without the need of harmful pesticides, grows extremely fast, is drought tolerant and enriches the soil it grows in, instead of exhausting it. Hemp is a hoot!

Keep on exploring the breathtaking beauty of our planet, but spread your wings wisely.

Restore the world with hemp. The planet and I will owlways love you for it.

Hemp is a Hoot -The Cannabis sativa plant – from which comes hemp and marijuana – has been around forever. Hemp has been one of the most significant crops for mankind; all parts of the plant can be cultivated to make textiles, durable goods, medicine, and building materials.

Hemp grows like a weed without the need of pesticides, is drought tolerant, and the plant’s long roots enrich the soil and protect it from runoff. The hemp leaves absorb 4x the amount of CO2 from the atmosphere as trees.  

Yet in 1937, the United States government, under the influence of the lobbying of synthetic textile companies and several other powerful groups who saw hemp as a big threat to their businesses, banned hemp altogether. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that made history by legalizing hemp in the USA as an agricultural commodity, it is owl good, once again. “Give at Hoot and Don’t Pollute”

Have a hoot of a day, AURELIAN