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Canada Highlands CA Spas Spa Resorts Destination Spas Retreats Day Spas – Appalachian Spa Guide Canadian Highlands & Coast Lines Appalachian Trails of New Brunswick Nova Scotia Newfoundland Labrador Isles Ontario Quebec Prince Edward Islands.. The Appalachian region extends from the eastern townships of Quebec (south of the St. Lawrence valley)  northeastward to the Gaspe Peninsula, the Maritime Provinces the island of Newfoundland. The region consists of ancient folded rock formations that have been eroded into low, rounded mountains dissected by valleys and interrupted by lowland areas developed on weaker rock formations. Three broad groups of highlands can be recognized. highest mountains (e.g., Gosford, Jacques-Cartier, Richardson), with elevations about 4,000 feet (1,200 metres), found in southern Quebec The highlands New Brunswick & Nova Scotia 

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